Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family Christmas Pictures

aaaand he tipped over.  and ate dirt.

a bunch of december pictures...

Smoothies at Urth Cafe.

Moments we have on the way to school.
this is her new "funny face"

Love when it rains. Like a lot.

Definitely will be framing this one to put up every year at Christmas :)

Trying on her new jammies from Aunt Boo

Our snowman.

Sleeping with her santa braids on :)

My little man. 4 months old.

I found this little gem at my parents house.  I was 10 years old. haha.

all the McRae grandkids.

 Matching Batman jammies.  I die.

almost 5 months...

At Riley's Christmas program.

Riley and Mai Mai.

An attempt at a family picture.

Riley and her little friend at school.

 Katin at his first time at Disneyland!
Clearly he is LOVING it.

Knotts Berry Farm!

WE LOVE having Knott's passes :)

i LOVE that she's wearing my shirt from when I was her age.
i LOVE that out of any toy there, she chose a cap gun.
I am so in LOVE.


Mom's birthday :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rileys PreK school pic.

hahaha.  cheesiest background!!! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

pool time

pool in the end of october! wow.

Biola University

i am in love with this boy!


Our latest family picture :)

a quick trip to Sonora

Micaiah turned 2 this month, and we got to have a little birthday party for him.
Here's Riley in the car ride.  Lots of working on PreK work.

at one of our stops at Bravo Farms.

At the Farmers Market that morning before the party.

The Dominicks :)

Riley being herself. :)

Grandpa and Mai Mai's 3 grandkids :)

The boys all crying. haha